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Customer Testimonials

 I highly recommend Funeral CE, and look forward to taking more courses in the future.

 ​Kelly T, AL, ​9/26/2016

Great course! I have recommended you program to other Funeral Directors.

Susan B, MA, 10/18/2016

It was very nice to see a real life current event as a walk through scenario. Thank You for being respectful and informative.

​Kassidy M, TX, ​9/27/2016

It was user friendly and the course contained relevent and pertinent information.

 Olivia J, AL, 10/31/2016

Your staff in customer service are so professional, kind, courteous and so willing to help!!!

​​John I, OK, 11/23/2016 

This was a fantastic course. The information was so enlightening and useful.

​​​​Lisa L, MN, 11/26/2016

Very practical! Information you can put to use.

​​​Jason W, ME, 12/13/2016

 I'm glad that I chose this subject it has helped me to understand public speaking. Thank you!!! 

​​​Teresa W, TX, ​12/30/2016

Very good continuing education--interesting and to the point.

​​​Marcia R, OH, 12/27/2016